Release History

1.0-beta-2 in CVS

Release 1.0-beta-2 - in CVS

add Printing of progam version and help instructions at program start. mungoknotwise
update Changed output of the describe command to print a meaningful message when the table does not exist. mungoknotwise
fix Corrected log file creation to write all message to the log file. mungoknotwise
fix Change program exit logic to close the log file if it was open. mungoknotwise
update Updated the \cd command to understand relative directory paths. mungoknotwise
update Added column width (i.e., VARCHAR(20)) to the describe output. mungoknotwise
update Rewrote PrintStreamedDescribeResultSetExtractor to load the table description results into a RowSetDynaClass, so that the output can be built with the proper column sizes. This was necessitated by the addition of the table's column width to the display. mungoknotwise
add Added trapping and printing of exceptions, and waiting for the user to hit a keystroke, so that exceptions messages don't disappear quickly when the program is run from a batch script. mungoknotwise